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Answers To Dumbass MAGA Questions

#MAGA morons love to ask questions. They LOVE LOVE LOVE asking questions, but never seem to care about hearing the actual answers, let alone committing those answers to memory.

I got tired of answering the same questions over and over, so I compiled a list of #MAGA’s greatest quandrys with their answers, so next time some clown asks I can just drop a link and save some time.

  1. What about Benghazi? Why isn’t Hillary in jail?
    Republicans led 10, TEN investigations into the 2012 Benghazi attack, and came up with butkus. There was NO SCANDAL, NO COVERUP FOUND. By Republicans, who had every incentive to take down HRC.

  2. How come Hunter Biden isn’t being investigated?
    Hunter Biden has been under investigation since November 2020, and remains under investigation. He hasn’t been indicted because NOBODYS FOUND ANYTHING YET. What do you want, the Feds to make sh*t up? That’s what you guys do.

  3. What if January 6th was a False Flag run by Antifa?
    So let me get this straight- a progressive organization charged the Capitol to prevent a
    progressive President from being elected. And in response, you want to call OFF the Jan 6 Committee that by investigating would prove your point? Brilliant.